Sustainable Nevada

Thank you for your interest in Sustainable Nevada.

This is what you can make happen with your gift.


1) Help Students improve their learning environment and reduce energy consumption

High Desert Montessori School’s EcoStudents want to improve the light levels and learning environment in their school. To do this, the students will work with NV Energy’s Energy Smart Schools team to replace their existing fluorescent lights with LED lights. Under the NV Energy program schools receive incentives for high-efficiency lighting and controls 

Studies have shown that LED lighting not only improves students’ performance it reduces energy consumption. In one study student test scores improved by more than 25%. In addition, unlike fluorescent tubes, LED lamps do not contain mercury which causes expensive disposal and recycling issues.

Students hope to raise $8,500 to purchase and install the Linear LED lamps. The 60,791 kWh saved annually will provide the school an estimated $6,687.05 in annual utility cost savings! 


Fixtures retrofitted to LEDs = 457

Estimated cost of retrofit = $8,463.57

Annual kWh Savings = 60,791 kWh 

Rebate received = $3,040

Annual Energy Savings = $6,687 

Time to payback = 9.5 months

This is equivalent to removing 9.7 passenger cars from the road, 4.9 homes’ energy use for one year, and 0.247 railcars worth of coal burned according to the EPA calculator.

To donate to the project contact Tammie Stockton, High Desert Montessori School Principal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2) Help Students Learn to Live Consciously

High Desert Montessori School (HDMS) teacher Nicole Commons needs $9,000 to complete a year-round greenhouse to teach students botany through hands on experience. LowerElGreenhouse"The lower elementary greenhouse project came about to make sure students in grades one, two and three had an enclosed, safe place to learn botany by raising fish and growing organic vegetables," said Nicole. "The idea started with our third grade students who wanted to learn how to grow food sustainably and counsciously. To kickstart the project the students approached the High Desert Montessori School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO loved the idea and got the project started."LowerElGreenhouse2

Nicole and her husband Hans began building the greenhouse in their driveway. Over the summer the greenhouse skeleton was moved to an area just outside the HDMS lower elementary classroom. Once on site, the greenhouse foundation and six aquaponic tanks were installed.

The next step is to raise $9,000 to complete the project. Plumbing and irrigation for the aquaponic tanks needs to be purchased and installed. Double walled polycarbonate sheathing, flooring, a pump, volcanic gravel and pots, seed, fish and soil also need to be purchased. The final stage of the project will install computer sensors, and automatic pond feeder and a thermal dampening system.

lowerelgreehouse4 "At High Desert Montessori School we are teaching our students ecoliteracy, to learn the skills of the future and to learn different ways to grow organic food sustainably and consciously through hands on gardening," said Nicole. "The lower elementary greenhouse will help make this vision a reality," she concluded.

To help Nicole and her students finish the lower elementary greenhouse, please contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3) Help Students reduce plastic and water waste

High Desert Montessori School EcoStudents want to reduce the school's plastic and water waste.

To help do that they are are selling aluminum water bottles to raise money to purchase four water bottle refilling stations. Each time a student uses the water fountain, a portion of that water is wasted, either by taking a breath or just letting the water run. Drinking from disposable water bottles reduces water waste but creates plastic waste. Switching to water bottle filling stations reduces both water and plastic waste. The EcoStudents' goal is to provide every student with an aluminum water bottle.  

The $8 bottles come in multiple colors and feature the EcoStudents logo. To purchase a bottle, and help the EcoStudents purchase water bottling stations, or to contribute funds to help purchase a station, contact High Desert Montessori School EcoStudents at 775-624-2800.