Help EcoStudents Reduce Plastic and Water Waste

High Desert Montessori School EcoStudents want to reduce the school's plastic and water waste.

To help do that they are are selling aluminum water bottles to raise money to purchase four water bottle refilling stations. Each time a student uses the water fountain, a portion of that water is wasted, either by taking a breath or just letting the water run. Drinking from disposable water bottles reduces water waste but creates plastic waste. Switching to water bottle filling stations reduces both water and plastic waste. The EcoStudents' goal is to provide every student with an aluminum water bottle.  

The $8 bottles featured in the EcoStudents flyer below, come in multiple colors and feature the EcoStudents logo.

To purchase a bottle, and help the EcoStudents purchase water bottling stations, or to contribute funds to help purchase a station, contact High Desert Montessori School EcoStudents at 775-624-2800.

HDMS Aluminum Water Bottle 1