Sustainability In The Living World: Outdoor Learning Environments

Outdoor learning environments are a critical component of our EcoStudents program.

HDMSschoolgardenOutdoor learning environments are living laboratories that teach permaculture principles through place-based and project-based learning. Sustainable Nevada will help the High Desert Montessori School expand its existing school gardens into a full outdoor learning environment.

A new outdoor learning environment will be built on a plot of land between two of the school's existing buildings. This will allow the school to connect all three of its buildings, completing the school's campus.

Upon completion, the outdoor learning environments will be utilized to teach ecoliteracy in the living world. A living world curriculum will be developed and integrated into the Sustainability Curriculum.

As with all our curriculum projects, it will contain a Linked Learning component and will collect and analyze pre- and post- summative assessment data (both qualitative and quantitative) in order to document and assess program efficacy. We will use this data to continuously improve the project as well as to promote the benefits of STEM and STEAM based education and relevant project-based learning.