How Local Businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada Can Become Sustainable

In Nevada, Sempra is paving the way for renewable energy with the construction of Copper Mountain Solar 1 and 2 in Boulder City. The Nevada Mining Association is also searching for new leaders to help the industry transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles. The city of Las Vegas is collaborating with the Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Commission to create complete streets that enable multiple modes of transportation. Moreover, the Small Business Administration, Nevada Small Business Development Center, and Nevada Women's Business Center are all available to assist local businesses in becoming more sustainable.

The Venetian and Palazzo have been at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, striving to reduce waste and recycle more than they use. The city of Las Vegas is also playing a key role in preserving and managing the water supply for its citizens and businesses by supporting the regional management efforts of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. Meanwhile, Sempra and its strategic project partners are supplying clean solar and wind energy to utility companies in six states, including Nevada. The Nevada Business Environmental Program provides free and confidential environmental management assistance to businesses and government operations in the state.

Different counties in Nevada may have different ordinances and regulations when it comes to environmental issues such as waste and recycling, water use, and other sustainability initiatives. For example, Las Vegas Cyclery was a finalist for the Green Awards earlier this year. Businesses in Las Vegas can take advantage of a variety of resources to become more sustainable. The city offers incentives such as tax credits for businesses that invest in renewable energy sources. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of free energy audits from NV Energy or join the Green Alliance to access discounts on green products and services.

Businesses can also join local sustainability networks such as Sustainable Las Vegas or Green Chamber of Commerce to learn more about sustainability initiatives. Businesses can also reduce their environmental impact by implementing green practices such as reducing waste, conserving water, using renewable energy sources, and investing in energy-efficient equipment. Additionally, businesses can look into green certifications such as LEED or Green Globe to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Harriet Fabros
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