Is Las Vegas a Sustainable City?

Las Vegas is a city that has made remarkable progress in environmental sustainability. From energy efficiency to water conservation, waste diversion, urban planning and alternative transportation, the city has become a leader in eco-friendly practices. At Aminah's Organic Skin Spa, customers can enjoy an all-green approach to skin care. Terbine, a company that specializes in collecting usable environmental data from cities, private companies and electronic vehicles, is also based in Las Vegas.

With a population of just over 600,000 permanent residents, Las Vegas has a small-town atmosphere with plenty of activities to do off the Strip. Golfers can enjoy a variety of first-class courses while adrenaline junkies can try zip lining at Bootleg Canyon or buggy racing through the dunes in the desert. Last year, temperatures reached 116°F (46.6°C) in June, setting a new record for such hot weather. Technologists argue that these technologies are essential tools in the global effort to achieve zero net emissions when used for environmental purposes. MGM Resorts in Las Vegas is now producing up to 90 percent of its daytime energy needs from a package that covers 65 million square feet of buildings and more than 36,000 rooms on the Strip.

In addition, a series of digital twins is being developed to replicate the city in detail. Every year, thousands of new devices are presented at the Consumer Electronics Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Ryan Smith, the city's director of economic development, is encouraging companies to adopt new technologies and test new processes within the city limits. With virtual reality technology and AI systems combined with 5G networks, energy use can be made much more efficient. In terms of corporate responsibility, Caesars has taken initiatives to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and valued for their contribution. Despite its 40 million visitors a year and its reputation for excess, sustainable tourism is possible in Las Vegas.

In this way, Las Vegas is proving that it is possible to be both environmentally friendly and economically successful.

Harriet Fabros
Harriet Fabros

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